Saturday, May 18, 2013


Hi Ya, Ducky here. It is a wonderful day. Getting all warms, the windows are open. We are enjoying window whiffs and hearing the fevvers sing.
So here we are enjoying the window together. Not often that happens, we like our space from each other. Matter of fact, Derby was so crabiliated on Friday AM he was hissing, chasing and just being a totally Sassy Boy.

Mum has gone nuts cleaning today. She did the usual laundry, then all of the little rugs around were taken outside and shaken off. Then down to the dungeon to be washed in the washer machine. The the sucking monster was out, and really going into the little places that don't often get cleaned super well.
Then mum brought out this little green monster, so she could clean the carpet spots where Derby yak'd all over them. He certainly does yak a lot. I don't, so that makes Mum happy.
Derby figures he will just sit on the newly cleaned bed and watch mum work hard to clean up after him. But with all of mum's cleaning it will take us days to get this place properly furred up again. She even washed our little donut beds.
Plus we finally got a picture of the Oriole at the feeder. We have been hearing them sing and knew they were back, but we like seeing them as well. Time that the fevvers going north for the summer are coming through.

We hope you had a nice Caturday. Oh yeah, we have a horsie race to watch soon too.


  1. Some great pictures today!

    We agree that having a little space is always a good thing. There is some hissing going on here mist days at some point, but it's never a long-term problem.

    The chans

  2. So that is what an Oriole looks like! I have never seen them here in southern California.

  3. We have had a nice sunny day too at last. I spent most of it lying outdoors and then mum took me for a walk after she had finished cleaning.
    The Oriole is pretty, we don't get any like that here.

  4. Oh Cod! I just hate it when the Human goes on one of them cleaning sprees--it takes forever to get everything smelling right again. Fortunately, she doesn't get in that mood very often.

    Thanks for your nice message this week--I am waaaaaaaay better now!

  5. Your Mom has gone cleaning crazy! Makes our Mommy seem kinda lazy. MOL! Happy Sunday, boys!

  6. Send your Mum over to our house next! It appears that we'll have plaster dust all over soon...

  7. We are glad ya got good window whiffies yesterday. Too bad about all that cleaning noise though.

  8. So what did your Mommy think of the Preakness? Was she hoping Orb would make a run at the Triple Crown?

    Who'd win a race between you boys, do you think?


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