Thursday, May 23, 2013

Garden Thursday

Hello and Welcome to Garden Thursday with Virginger. Goodness, how time is moving on! It is already Memorial Day weekend coming up. Mum needs to get some flowers to plant in pots outside, really soon. I will need to get on her about that.
This is our crabby apple tree from outside, pretty much in full bloom the other morning when mum went out to take pictures.
This is the view we get from inside from mum's sleepy spot! Nice and pretty to wake up to in the morning. Sadly, the blooms don't last long, specially on rainy and windy days like we are having. Lots of pink confetti on the ground.
Mum cut off some lilac's and took them to work with her to enjoy while she day hunts. They smell so pretty but they don't last very long once cut.
Some of our special fevver furiends, Mr and Mrs Baltimore Oriole. They are so fun to watch when they come to the feeder. Plus they stand out so well in the trees.
Me, since it is cool and rainy outside, I even came in for a long nap with Derbs. Just catching up on what we need to bug mum about.
So that is the garden report for this week.

Love, Virginger.


  1. TBT has been trying ta think of small ornamental trees to plant in the back yard and went all DUH seeing the crabbyappleton tree!

  2. You gotta stay on those humans or they slack off!

    We like your crabby apple tree :)

  3. Be kind to your mum - she's back doing day hunting now and that means she hasn't got as much time for gardening as she used to.

    Sydney, Australia

  4. The blossom looks lovely. It is a pity it doesn't last longer.

  5. virginger...well...yur post WUZ headin in de rite direct shun....til we got ta baltimore


    say, may bee yur mum will make sum piez for everee one with de crabby apples ~~~~~ !!!!

  6. Your crabapple tree looks great! We have one was in full bloom about 2 weeks ago and now the flowers are all gone.

  7. We hope you get a nice long weekend with Mum and she doesn't have to work.
    The orioles look great. We are smackin' out kitty lips over Mr & Mrs Cardinal over here at our house.


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