Saturday, May 25, 2013

Ducky Derby on CATurday

The day didn't start out the best for me, Derby. I was happy mum gave us some gooshy foods, but she put pink sprinkles on mine. Yep, she gave me a Mickey and took me to the stabby place to see Dr Vet Man.

 Buh-bye Derbs! See you later, have fun.
 I wandered a bit before I got examined. Mum is worried cuz I have lost two pounds this past year and I seem to be yakking up more. So I think I am getting some stuff to move things through my system, to make sure no build up of hair that might be blocking my tummy. If that doesn't seem to work, then mum says I am gonna have to get my bloods stolen to see if something is out of balance.
All done and back in the PTU to come home! Plus I gots some ham when I got home.

But then mum went outside to work, then took off for the Ducky Derby. What is that? Well, seems they have been having this for six years in our honor. Well, maybe not our honor, but they named it after us!
 Our two rubber duckies that mum picked out for us.
 We can win green papers and they even pay for last place.
 Some of the sausages took the afternoon off to come out and hang out here for the race.

A whole lotta duckies ready to get dumped into the river.
The finish line. Mum has a video, but blogger keeps giving her an error when she tries to load it. So, we will work on that and try to get it to load.

Mum hasn't been able to get the video to load here, she did post it on Facebook if you know her there.


  1. Hope everything goes well at the vet for you Derby.
    Eric used to yak a lot when he was younger and the vet said a lot of cats are intolerant to beef or beef extract in their food. Mum changed us to grain free natural food and read the labels to make sure there was no beef in it, and it made an amazing difference to him.
    That was nice to have the Ducky Derby named after both of you. I hope your duckies get a prize for you.

  2. Ducky, we are sorry if you are not feeling your best. We are taking note of what Flynn says about beef - also, Audrey threw up more before her thyroid got sorted out. Mom also switched her to no corn dry foods, more wet foods, and it seemed maybe wet foods with liver or giblets may have upset her. But the thyroid was the thing with the weight loss. Good luck, buddy.

  3. Derby, we're sorry your day didn't start so well and you had to go to the evil vet We hope you're feeling better with the new stuff the vet gave you.

  4. I hope you are feeling better soon, Derby!

    That is so funny that your human went to a Ducky Derby... it does sound like it was named after you two!

  5. purrs that the vet visit produces what you need to start feeling better.

    I love Duck Derbies..
    You aren't the only one with video issues at the moment. I hope they get that fixed soon

  6. We hope that you get all straightened out, Derby. Sending you some pawsitive purrs.

    That Ducky Derby looks like great fun!

  7. We think it's awesome to have an event named in your honour like that!

    The Chans

  8. I get treats after such annoying things as well. Vet, ear cleaning, eye-booger washing- you name it, I get a moist treat after it!

  9. Derby, what we won't do for some ham! What a fun race with all those duckies!

  10. Derby, hope the vet won't need to steal your blood. Feel better soon, derby.

  11. Derby, we hope that your troubles move right on to speak. Purrs to you.

    Mommy chuckles at the end-loader full of duckies!

  12. We hope the results from the vet can determine what is happening and that everything will be okay.

  13. Hope the stuff works well to move things along Derby other bloggers gave good advice about sensitive tummys.
    And wow you are a celebrity in town with a race with your names sounds like fun.


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