Saturday, July 6, 2013


First we want to send out healing purrs to Olive and ChurchCatTom. Both are not feeling well and getting extra care.

Update: We found Olive ran off to join her brofurs, Opus and Roscoe, at The Bridge.

As for us, we are fine. Mum gave us breakfast in bed as she had treats in her jammie's pocket from last night. MOL, she is not the princess on the pea, she didn't remember them until we started putting our noses into her pocket.

Mum is bizzy with the usual weekend stuff along with going to get her boobities smooshed like she should. Plus get her hair all curled this afternoon. Since she will be gone, we can have nice long naps.


  1. I am also purring for Olive and Father Tom.
    Treats in bed sounds like a good idea. Muuuummmmmm!!!

  2. We're purring for both Olive and Father Tom.

  3. Aren't you glad you are kitties (not to mention BOY kitties) and don't have to worry about things like boobies and hair curling?

  4. Sounds like your Mom will be busy today. Great time to get your nappin in! XOXO

  5. We have instructed our Mommy to leave treats in HER jammies...what an efficient idea!

  6. Breakfast in bed - fabulous idea.

    Sydney, Australia

  7. We are purring that Tom will be okay, but we just heard sweet Olive has gone to the Bridge. That makes us very sad. We send purrs to her family.

    Enjoy your naps!

  8. Treats in her pocket? How do we convince all of the peeps to do that? Great idea!

  9. Oh wow, so much. Jammies have treat pockets? We never knew and will have to chech TBT.

    We sent purrs of comfort to Olive and will go visit ChurchcatTom.

    An our purrs for Mom's to-be-smooshed boobies... We are not really familiar with those parts, but TBT says they are both important and treasured... Um, well, OK.

  10. The naps sound like the better deal!


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