Thursday, July 25, 2013

Garden Thursday


Hello and Welcome to Garden Thursday with your hostess with the mostest Virginger.

Well we had a big change this past week, they stole a tree! Well, mum says they didn't steal it, as it was supposed to go away since it was dying. She had to pay them to take it away.

Monday a week ago a bunch of guys in orinch trucks showed up and took the tree down just far enough to get under the electrical wires. They piled every thing up and then left!

Then on Friday of last week, guys in white trucks showed up. They cut down the rest of the tree, chipped it all up and then ground the stump away. So nothing left but a bit of tree all mulched up.

Mum said the tree was dying and was an ash tree. In some nearby spots of Whiskerconsin there is a nasty but called the Emerald Ash Borer. It attacks ash trees and kills them. Mum didn't want this tree to be a weak spot that might be a point of infection to start in our area. So away went the tree. Our other ash tree is nice and healthy.

Mum still sounds weird, specially tonight after mowing the lawn. Her breathing sounds a bit like asthma. She says once she gets a good cold drink to wash down the outside crud, she will sound better.

That is all from our garden for this week.

Love Virginer.


  1. It's sad that the tree had to go, especially if it was helping cat TV, but better that than losing your other cat TV attractions.

  2. We have problems with Ash tree´s in Sweden too :(
    It´s sad to have to take away a big tree , but the best to do if it´s sick !
    Like your mom say´s you don´t wan´t it to spread in the neighborhood :)

  3. It is always sad when a nice big tree has to be taken down, but it is for the best when they are dying.

  4. Aw, poor tree. A while back, we lost 6 ash trees to those bore thingys.

  5. Too bad the tree got attacked--hope that does it. We had cottonwood borers at the old house.

  6. It's hard to lose a good tree. Those borers are starting to invade certain areas around the big city area but haven't reached us yet.

  7. We have had a lot of trees cut down here too, but mostly to allow sunlight into the yard. BTW, TBT says that iffen ya dump an inch of mostly nitrogen fertilizer (the first number on the bag, like 24-2-2) over the pile and water it in and cover it with some dirt, that will help the pile of wood chips break down into normal soil faster.


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