Tuesday, July 16, 2013


HiYa, Ducky here again.  Some of you commented on the Galileo thermometer in our last post. This is a touchy subject with mum.

A number of years ago Derby messed with mum's Galileo thermometer not with good results. Mum was ready to have him lose one of his lives! You can go back here to see the results of broken glass in the middle of the night!

The little one you see in this picture was Grampie's and mum took it over. It is plastic so not likely to break.
Plus mum has her really good one and that is out of our reach now, but when she first got it, yep, you know who was at it. 

See his tail? Then he was ready to tap at it.
Mum has it hanging up high now, we can't get at it.
So hopefully no more breaking of things!


  1. Galileo! Figaro Magnifico-o-o!

    The human is ... well, you can't call it "singing" ... emitting noises intended to sound like Bohemian Rhapsody.

  2. I think they should make a cat toy like those Galileo thermometers - they are cool!

  3. That thermometer is just too tempting! Your mum was smart to put it up high though now you guys can't play with it.

  4. The Galileo Saga continues.....!

  5. Good idea fer Mom to put the fancy one out of yer reach!

  6. Those thermometers are just too tempting. You wouldn't believe where we went in the house to break the head peep's. The hanging one is a really great idea.

  7. Derby you stay away from those - it was a disaster the last time you got a hold of one. They are pretty cool though

  8. MOL, we bet you two are WILD at Christmas time!

  9. look veree close lee D & D's mom.....thatz KNOT derby...its de NAYBOR kitteh frum cross de street...down 5 houz....ask him ...he will tell ya ~~~


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