Thursday, July 11, 2013

Garden Thursday


Well mum can't get an pictures to load other than the top one which has been used before. So since we can't show you anything new. Here are some oldies but goodies.
 The thistle that mum didn't see until it was all big and blooming last year.
 Lillies, resurrection lillies mum calls them.
 Star-gazer lillies, this didn't come back this year. Probably because of the drought last year.
The old butterfly bush with a monarch butterfly. Mum wishes these would survive more than a year as she likes them so much to get butterflies.

So that is it, hopefully next week we can show you what we wanted to show you this week. We have a neato plant blooming right now.

Love, Virginger


  1. Ducky, we think you should come and visit us and help us train the ducks. Please also bring Derby.

  2. What a shame your stargazer lilies didn't come back. Those are our head peep's favorite, but they won't grow here in the too-hots.

  3. What beautiful pictures. I do love flower gardens.

  4. Oh we love seeing that flutterby! :)

  5. Good to hear from you Virginger!
    I love to NOM fluttebys! -Scout

  6. Those pictures are FAN-TAS-TIC!! The purple flower with the butterfly looks like a picture in a magazine. You Mom has some mad camera skills!

  7. WOW! Those flowers look whiffin' good!

  8. WOW! Those flowers look whiffin' good!


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