Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Product Review

We are taking today to give a product review. Baby Patches over at Nip and Bones sent us a new toy for us to test out. Per the rules, we got this toy for free, we were not and are not being paid for this. This is our honest opinion.

This is a bird cat toy. It lights up as you bat it around.
A short moovie of the first day we got it and this is about as much as mum has seen either of us play with it over the past few weeks.

Like anything new we checked it out, but we really didn't get into it that much. Mum was flipping around with her feets so she could get some pics of it when it would light up. It lights up when tossed around, but that didn't seem to attract our attention that much.

But mum has let it out for us to play with for the past few weeks, she knows we play with it sometimes, as it moves from spot to spot. But not very much. So then she marinated it with nip and that really didn't spark our attention either.
So here it is all marinated in nip last week. Mum dip it in the big nip sack, then put it into the little one to stew for a while.

Ducky, checking it out after mum took it out.
Yeah, the nip was good, let me at this.
Grabbing and licking at it for the nip.
Mum got a still shot of the lights going off as I moved it around.

Our final opinion. It really didn't do much for us. The lights didn't attract our attention and even with some nip, we choose to play with other toys more. We do love to chase the red dot, so this toy just wasn't something that interested us. Maybe you will like it better.


  1. Looks like it could be an interesting toy, but we really like the interactive toys best

  2. That was a good review. We liked how you put the bitey on it in the video. We're not sure we would like this toy any better.

  3. Oh wow, a lighted toy? I gotta put that on my Gift list (birfday next month). ~ Marley

  4. I think it looks like fun! Boodie would love to kill something like that.

  5. I would like it best after it has been marinated in the nip. It looks like it is a fun toy.

  6. Lights entertain our mom more than us, really. :-(

  7. D & D.....

    rememburr math wuz knot a good subject for uz at skewl

    10 werds....

    fishin wandz N nip !!!

    ~~~~~~ wee bee layin low & hidin…..til after de 4th…heerez hopin everee one haza safe holiday anda grate week oh end; grill much trout !!

  8. well, not every cat likes every toy...and this one had two paws down...so don't think Ill be tryin' it myself...na'mean??

  9. Not all toys suit every cat. We like nip ones best.

  10. We love the lights! ...but we kind of agree with the others, an interactive version (like a wand toy) might be the way to go.
    ; ) Katie


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