Monday, July 29, 2013

ManCat Monday

One cat just leads to another. - Ernest Hemingway

OK, but what do two cat's lead too? Four or more? We like being just a two-some now that we usually get along!

Derby plastered up next to mum keeping her arm all warms.
Ducky just napping away.

Mum is feeling and sounding better. She was enough better on the weekend to go a play part of both days with racy cars. Said the fresh air probably killed a few bugs! Plus it was awefully cool here this weekend in the low 60's at best. Mum dressed warm for being outside in the cool air and wind.

Plus you need to get your pictures in for the 2014 CB calendar. You can go HERE for more details. Mum has gone through two years of pictures so far to find some for us, but wants to go through ALL of her pictures of us for this before Friday. She better get going!


  1. I'm glad that your human is feeling better!

  2. We're glad to hear your mom is feeling better. It's probably due to your attentive care, isn't it?

  3. In our case two cats lead to seven! Glad the Mom is feeling better.

  4. Glad your mum is feeling better. My mum started with one cat and that led to 10, but that was before they had me and Eric.

  5. Glad Mom is better!

    At one point there was four of us, but Mom said that was an unusual set of circumstances. Three is our purrfect number.

    Happy Monday!

  6. Well...two led to thirteen in our case!

  7. Well, there's three of us...but sometimes I wish it was just me. Nah, that wouldn't be any fun!

    Glad your mum is feeling better.


  8. You boys are so good to take care of Mum like you do. We bet she especially like it when you nap with her.

  9. Such a sweet picture of Derby sleeping next to his mom!

  10. Glad your mom is better :)
    Here I have to take care of my mom , because she has a cold and you know how fuzzy humans are when they have a cold *rolling my eyes*

  11. Yippee for fresh airs! That always does the trick here too! Purrs...

  12. Oooh, cool air!! What we wouldn't give for that!

    We're glad your mum is better. :-)


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