Saturday, August 31, 2013


HiYa, Ducky here. Welcome to a holiday weekend edition of Caturday. Mum gets an extra day to do her chores this weekend.

Chores, oh yes. Already today she has done the following:

ate some brekkie
gave us our brekkie
readed two newsy papers
made more hummingbird juice
refilled the hummer feeder
hung out a new fevver feeder
filled all of the fevver feeders
checked the grapes for getting ripe - nope, not even starting to turn purple
cleaned her litterbox
paid Mr Bill, actually two of them
filled away lots of papers in the filing cabinet
cleaned up Derby's yak spots on the carpet.
washed a few dishes
put the rest of the dishes in the dish washing monster

Plus last night she was the first purrson to order the new CB calendar. One of the first test batch to see how this goes. So soon we can check it out. Mum says we are both in it and on days special to us.

 Me holding mum down for at least a few minutes of resting.
Derby day dreaming out of the window.

Now she is about ready to get out the rug sucking monster and then off to get some stuff from the garden store. She is trying to stay away from place where these two-wheeled noisy monster are roaming the area, doesn't want to get tangled up with them. Something about a motorcycle being 110. 

Then over the next few days, the typical washy of clothes, getting foods and doing some cooking so she has foods to take to work. Plus she says she is not going day hunting on Monday and will stay home with us.


  1. Make sure to keep you human busy, boys! After all, this IS "Labor Day weekend," and she needs to be laboring for you!

  2. Sounds like your mum will be keeping busy over the long weekend.

  3. Wow - your mum is go, go, go, isn't she?

    Sydney, Australia

  4. You guys are gonna be exhausted, snoopervising all that activity!

  5. You have one very busy mommy! Enjoy your Monday with her all to yourselves!

  6. My Human is staying home with me today and tomorrow but on Monday she is going out of town. I did not give her purrmission to do that but she says she doesn't need it. I dunno--what do you think?

  7. Wow, what a busy day your mum had. We sure hope she takes it easy with both of you now.

  8. Did you think I forgot about you? No way! I even have something for you on my blog!

  9. We enjoyed reading about your mum's chores..tell her not to overdo it..Labor Day means a break from labor, not to go overboard!!

    Derby and Ducky, it's good to see you guys, too :)

  10. Its fun ta watch the Beins when they get "busy". They do such weerd things sometimes.

  11. now that is what I call a busy busy Mom for sure!


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