Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tuesday This and That

First we want to say farewell to Abby of Manx MNews. They adopted one of our foster Squillions so many years ago. Ashes it was. Abby ranned off to The Bridge on Monday. Farewell sweet lady.

Someone asked about mum's reading prize. Well, most winters and summers they do a reading program for teens and adults, each one has their own. You sign up and each week when you read a book, you tell them the name of the book and your name. They draw one name out of the readers for that week. Then one special purrson even gets a grand prize. Mum reads anyway, but it is nice to get something for it now and then.

They can read any book they want. Short, long, from the library or e-book. Whatever. Although mum has a tendency to read shorter books to make sure she get through at least one a week.

Cool out but mum has the windows open for us for fresh airs. Nice.


  1. We're very sad about Miss Abby, too, and purring for her family.

    That's really neat about the reading prize. It sounds like a great incentive to get people to read more. And reading means laps. And laps means places for cats to sit, so WIN!

  2. We are going to miss Abby a lot.

    That is so nice that your human is letting you kitties get some cool, fresh air.

  3. Our #1 says she is envious of your Mom. Once upon a time, she read many, many books. But she says that now, with all of us around, life keeps getting in the way of a good read!

    The Chans

  4. I am very sad that Abby has gone to the Bridge and have sent my purrs to her family.
    That is good that your mum has chance of winning a prize for something she enjoys doing.

  5. Abby is well loved in the blogging community. She will be sorely missed.

    Emma and Buster

  6. My mom's only resolution this year was to read a book a week. She's only up to 18 so far. :-(

  7. We're missing Abby too. So nice of you to mention her on your bloggie.
    : )

  8. Thank you so much for your lovely remembrance of my dearly loved and adored girl Abby. All of our long time blogging friends seem to be going towards the RB. We so appreciate you remembering her this way.


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