Monday, August 19, 2013

ManCat Monday

But cats to me are strange, so strange I cannot sleep is one is near - W. H. Davies

That is just too bad this guy can't sleep near a kitteh. Our mum loves it when we jump up on the sleepy spot to cuddle with her. Or we try to wake her up to get loves and pets. We push our heads into her hand.

 We didn't do much this weekend. Mum deserted us like she normally does but this time not with racy cars but other cars.
 Seems she was helping kids learn to survive on the street. Not living homeless style of survival but learning how to drive the family car better. Emergency braking, quick lane changes and stuff. She said she chased pythons, no wait, she said pylons when they would hit them. The she and others would go and put them back where they belong.
 Mum said the kids had fun, and you could see the big smiles on their faces. The  parents just had to watch.


  1. That is one thing nobody would want my human to do! She is not the best driver, and in fact, she is rather nervous behind the wheel - she could totally have used a driving course like this when she was a teen.

  2. That's a pretty neat thing your peep did. Our head peep could have used something like that. The way that they let kids get drivers licenses after a semester of drivers ed turned out drivers that were frighteningly unprepared.

  3. Very Cool
    Dad is into the cars and motorcycles and likes to remind all of safety.

  4. very cool of your mom!

    I might haf a mail label in mine box for your house - would you like me to bisit?

  5. Mommy did a class like that and she said it was great!

    And, we love to pile on the peeps at night...snuggling is the best.

  6. Cool for your mom to help peoples learn good driving. We hope she made up for being absent with lots of snuggles and kisses! Purrs...

  7. #1 says she agrees about sleeping with kitties. She says she slept badly the whole time she was in Canada because she missed us so much.

    The Chans

  8. I sleep on top of my mum, and when I want her to wake up, I headbutt her in the face.
    That was nice of your mum to go and help those kids.

  9. Your mum is so great to go out & do this stuff. Helping kids is good.
    We aren't allowed in the bedroom at night 'cuz Scout likes to knock stuff down off counters and dressers to get attention (actually food, but it doesn't work, mom doesn't fall for it.)

  10. Good for your mum to help those kids. But we hope she did get home and give you guys some cuddles.

  11. That's a nice thing your mum did. I think she needs to come here.

  12. How can some Being NOT sleep when a kitty is near?

  13. Maybe you can teach my mom that. She drives like a crazy girl.

  14. Chasing pythons sounds scary. We're glad she had a good time. I hope she didn't bring any pythons home with her.
    da Mini & the rest of the Hotties


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