Saturday, March 1, 2014


We are in seclusion this morning inside mum's sleepy room. Before she even had gotten dressed this morning two big trucks showed up outside. She quick got her clothes on and then let the guys in, they are doing more stuff in the dungeon on the leaky spots.

So we are napping, at least now the noisy part seems to be over. Mum is making noise too with the sucky monster, so maybe the noise will be all done once we get let out.

Last Sunday as we were watching fevvers, they scattered quick and Mar Hawk zoomed through. He is like a sports car, fast and moves quick!
 He landed in the tree just behind our house to check things out, so mum had time to get a few nice shots before he took off to go find a snack of a fevver or something.
 But it wasn't until he flew off and mum took a look with her own eyes, that just below where Mr Hawk was sitting was a sqwerl!
Mum took a less tight shot to show the sqwerl below the big branch were Mr Hawk was just sitting. 
Mum said she wishes Mr Hawk had taken the sqwerl for lunch, we has lots of them this winter, SEVEN! But mum says they are dumb as with all the snow they could jump up into the fevver feeders and they don't. But that is OK, as mum says the fevvers have been eating a lot this winter. She just opened the last of four big bags of fevver food, so she will need to get more or we will run out before winter runs out.

Ohhh, mum is opening the door to the sleepy room. Now we can run around again and the house is all quiet.  Or sit on mum until she gives us treats!
Have a good weekend everyone.


  1. Wow, that squirrel was lucky! Maybe not so dumb after all.

  2. That squirrel pretended to be part of the tree and escaped with his life intact.

  3. Mr Squirrel was smart to keep still. I hope you all have a nice and peaceful weekend.

  4. That's one smart squirrel! We're glad to hear you are out of not-so-solitary confinement for the rest of the weekend.

  5. We vote fur sitting on Mom til the treats make an appearance! heh-heh


  6. I hope the guys fix the dungeon this time and you have no more problems with it.

    Sydney, Australia

  7. At least you boys had a nice Caturday rest on the nice bed! We hope your leakies are all fixed up now.

    Well, we know the hawk needs to eat, but that is kind of a cute little skwerl, so we're glad he got to live another day ;-)

  8. We has tons of those hawk dudes around here - a neighbor said one hawk swooped down a took off with a little dog! Maybe it's a good thing we stay inside . . .


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