Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Window Wiffs!

Mum got home yesterday and immediatly went to the windows in the kitch-hen and opened them up for us. Window wiffs!

Oh the fresh airs smelt so nice to both of us for the first time in ages. Hopefully it won't be long before we can get wiffs all the time. Our favorite season is open window season!

 Derby at one window.
 Ducky at the other window.
 Doesn't smell very fresh to me!
 Ducky taking over the first window from Derby.
Derby got bored and left, so Ducky had the open windows all to himself.


  1. Fresh outside-smelly air is great! We enjoyed seein ya enjoyin it. Did yer Beins open up opposite windows so the outside air flowed through the house? Thats the BEST!

  2. Still looks pretty chilly to me! We SHOULD have had open windows today here - it was really pleasant! My human was so in her head today that she forgot (she is totally absent minded like that).

  3. Open windows are the best but you need to get rid of that white stuff soon!

    The Chans

  4. oh we should ask the mom to open the windows for whiffies for us today - so we can smell the lizzard that is coming

  5. *sigh* we've had that white stuff out our window, too, for FAR too long. It just melted away, and now we has MUD. But window whiffs? Nah. Our momma's not as NICE as yours. Can we come smell?

  6. LOVE that third picture!!! We have to enjoy our window whiffs when we can.

  7. Good to see you enjoying the window wiffs - although with all the snow on the ground, it still looked like it must have been pretty cold.

    Sydney, Australia

  8. Wow, we can almost smell it too. :)

  9. Hope you get some more open window weather soon.

  10. That one photo doesn't exactly look like a window whiff to ME!!! Have you been taking lessons from Waffles???
    ; ) Katie

  11. Is Spring really going to start soon? It was way too cold for window whiffs here, but butt whiffs are always in season.
    Thank you for coming by on Gracie's calendar day. We are celebrating her sweet memory today.


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