Thursday, March 27, 2014

Garden Thursday

Hello and welcome to Garden Thursday with me, Virginger!
Spring continues to slowly take over, I figured I would give you a re-cap of our icky winter. These are the o-fish-oil stats way down by the air port.

Average Temperature - since November temperatures has averaged 22.7 degrees for the 12th coldest season. Iffin you only look at December 1 to February 28 average temp was 17.2 degrees, 10th coldest. December was 5 degrees below normal; January - 8; February --9

Lowest temperature - negative 14, but we had like negative 18 one morning.

Subzero days - 28 days that were zero or below, Seventh most on record. Average is 12 days.

Snowfall - 62.6 inches so far, heck it could still snow. That is about 20 inches above normal.

Snow depth - deepest snow was 14 inches on February 18.

Days with measurable snow(at least 0.1 inch of snow) - 50, record is 52

Snow cover - streak of 92 days with at least one inch of snow on the ground. From early December and March 10. We still had more snow on the ground for a few days after this. This is only good enuf for second place, first place was 112 days back in 78-79 which mum says she amembers.

Ice cover - Loch Michigan hit 93.29% ice cover on March 8, previous record 93.1 in 1997.

The snow from earlier in the week is gone, but there is still stuff left from the winter, so no bare ground. Mum says she will have lots to do once she can work outside on the yard. Get the raking done she couldn't do because it snowed so early.

Here's wishing for a warm up and spring showing up. 


  1. Thank you for the look back at winter Virginger. It's been a loooooong season for you guys.

    Sydney, Australia

  2. It's been a long season for us too, with the coldest/longest/worst winter since 1978-79. We sure hope spring arrives for us all soon!

  3. Yeah, we are breaking records here left and right. Spring can't come soon enough!

  4. virginger...if ewe see any springs bee sides thoz under de chair...pleez ta let uz noe az well...lookin forwerd ta see inn ewe in de garden ♥

  5. You have had a very long and cold winter. I hope Spring soon comes for you and gets rid of all the snow.

  6. Virginger, you made us realize how bad this winter really was!

  7. There is a chunk of ice that hasn't melted yet, that sits right where I stand to put out food at the friendly ferals feeding station. When that's gone...finally...I will celebrate Spring! I think we too hit many records for Metro Detroit, and the funny thing is that the Almanac that I used to faithly follow predicted a MILD WINTER! So Wrong!

  8. It was a LONG and BAD Winter here too. It is finally over. The early blooming daffodils may show the same time as the late blooming ones.


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