Saturday, March 22, 2014


Hey guys, we made it to Caturday! Mum had a rough week day hunting, so we have been spending time purring on her. She keeps mumbling about having to clean up messes that other people make. HAHAHA, she cleans up after us all the time, she should be used to it.

Ducky having fun playing with the three way tunnel.

 Mum caught a few pictures of me going in,
 Sneaking a pic through the tunnel junction opening.
Looking in from the other end of the tunnel.

Derby staring down mum from the tower, probably trying to convince her to give him treats!

We thinks spring is here. Virginger showed you lots of pictures of the snow going away and more goes away every day. So we are happy that our icky winter seems to be gone. Looking forward to more warm weather so the windows stay open longer.

We hopes everyone has a good weekend.


  1. I thought that picking up everyone else's messes was what humans do! Have a fun weekend!

  2. Isn't picking up other people's messes what peeps are for? We certainly don't clean our own up.

  3. Looks like you are having lots of fun with your tunnel. I am glad winter has left you and let Spring come and visit.

  4. It's a bit rough on your mum if she's got to pick up after you guys at home and pick up after people at her day hunting gig as well!

    Sydney, Australia

  5. Your poor Mum! We think all peeps have weeks like that...they should've been cats. We didn't know your tunnel had dangly balls in it--how fun!

  6. Glad Spring has arrived for you!

  7. We are startin ta get tingly feelings about a 3 way tunnel!

  8. Kudos to your Mom for getting down on all her paws to get those great tunnel pics!

    Hope you kittehz have an easy Sunday. XOXO

  9. Oh, how we would love one of those three way tunnels!

  10. It must be so exciting to have a three way tunnel. Not just one or two ways to go through. But three! And then deciding left or right when you go in... It must be crazy fun!

  11. I hope you have seen the last of snow!


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