Monday, March 10, 2014

ManCat Monday

Cats only occupy space and think about three things: food, sex and nothing. If they're neutered that leaves food. - Penny Ward Moser

Ha! We think of lots of stuff, yeah, we nap lots too. But we can think of fevvers, although that could mean food. We think of getting loves from mum, but she brings us the foods, the warms well, yeah, that really doesn't relate to food.

The winter is slowly giving up, melting for the last three days and again today. We can't see the ground yet but we do see some dripping from the roof and the snow banks are getting smaller!

Mum is discomboobulated from the time change, she was napping at weird times during the weekend. Now today she will have to get up in the dark to day hunting.

What did we do? Nap!

 Mum caught us on the leopard pillow once and then Derby figures he needed to leave.
 The he came back later and then.....
 ....we got into synchronized sleeping
 Happy week everyone!


  1. Heh. I think about WAY more than food. Actually, I don't think about food all that much. Binga - oh, she is food 24/7!

  2. We think about food at mealtimes and our traditional treat time, but we also think about play. And nap. Lots and lots of nap.

  3. Outstanding performance in the synchronised sleeping event. I think you're gold medal contenders.

    Sydney, Australia

  4. You look great (and very manly!) on the leopard print beddie together!

    We agree that kitties think about lots and lots of different things!

    The Chans

  5. We think of lots of things! Lovin' that leopard bed. Just the right size to hold you both.

  6. we think of so many things in addition to the ones mentioned here.....foremost is how to aggravate our humans and how to redecorate the house while they're at work all day.

    Emma and Buster

  7. happee week doodz...we think oh other stuff bee side food how rood, noizee, bug infested, stoooooooooooopid, caca droppin bunches oh mess burdz R....

    N toys.....


  8. Ha ha ha ha!

    Have a great week, all!

  9. We had a really nice day today...lots of sun so lots of snow melted. But there's still plenty left to go. And they say we're supposed to get some more tomorrow. Blech.

  10. You do synchronized sleeping very well.

  11. The warms are nice after a good dinner which will them equal a good nap. It all fits together.

  12. You two look so cozy sleeping all cuddled up!

    Mommy says today's quote fits most guys she knows, too.

  13. I is thinkin bout food pretty much non-stop, but I think about playin some in there too!


  14. ... Hello Derby and Ducky! We are whipple and pepper, and we are very excited to be commenting in your blog! We wanted to let you know that you both are kewl cats. We also think much about food, especially pepper. And we take lots of naps too. -Whipple and pepper

  15. oh we KNOW! Our mom's doing the same thing - getting up in the dark, and whining about it, too! Nice synchronized style going on there guys!


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