Saturday, March 15, 2014


Yay we made it to the weekend. Although we had a mum day yesterday since she took a day off from day hunting.

Marley over at Mark's Mews had it happen that when he played with the turbo track, the little ball got stuck. Well that happened to Ducky the other night too. How weird that it happened to both of us. Is it the moon just in the right spot or something?
 Didn't think I could do that, did you!

Plus we think spring is really getting here, the snow is going away and we can see lots more grass area. No more dripping from the roof as all that snow is melted off as well.
Here is the back yard, the space near the fevver feeders is so much bigger and now you can begin to see the left over seeds from all winter. Mum will have lots to clean up here.
The front yard, we now have a big long space of grass in the middle of the yard, that way the snow can disappear from both ends.
The front, which mum says is furry muddy near the house. The snow which got shoveled here was as high as the railing and the little hose box was covered. Plus mum got the Christ-mouse lights taken down and put away on Friday!
Another shot of the open area, maybe we will see the four-sith-ia bush bloom soon.
Along the street, the snow has melted from the street and the big pile at the end of the driveway is now only up to mum's hip, no longer as deep has her chin.
Spring bird at the feeder a red-winged blackbird. We also had a robin, but mum didn't get his picture. She said she enjoyed hearing him sing while she took the lights down. It was also nice enough that mum could give us some open windows again.

Hey, where is a picture of us?
That's better. Happy weekend to you all.


  1. A day without your sweet faces gracing your blog is like a day without sunshine.

  2. That is so cool ya got the ball ta stop at the top of yer turbo-trak too! TBT says it has ta do with almost bein the first day of Spring, where gravity is in balance (like the way eggs can be sat up on their ends on that one day).

  3. Wow, you both got the ball stuck on top of your turbo track? What are the odds? Ours only gets stuck at the joints when the pieces are not put together securely.

  4. I'm glad you kitties are getting some nice sun beams. Paws up to the snow finally starting to go away!

  5. That is strange that you both got the ball stuck in the same place. I am glad your snow is going away at last.

  6. We are also looking forward to the snow going away. We wanna see more birdies and green grass outside. -Whipple and Pepper

  7. Well, sheesh! I was worried we were gonna see all snow and NUFFING of you boys. Thank Cod for the last shot! Whew!

  8. Our white stuff is melting too...but tomorrow is gonna be cold so there won't be much melting. As long as there's no new white stuff, we're okay with that.

  9. How wonderful to see that nasty snow going away! We get yellow-winged blackbirds here; we don't know if they sing or not...

  10. Spring is springing! Great picture too, boys!

  11. Good trick with the turbo track - well done. Maybe you and Marley from Mark's Mews could have a title bout to see who is supreme champion.

    Good to see your snow melting at last.

    Sydney, Australia

  12. Those really were great photos! Have fun everyone!!!

  13. Spring is leaving here again for a day or two. We hope you're enjoying your weekend. *hugs* and purrrrrrrs from the Hotties

  14. Such cute boys!
    The snow is receding here too.
    Good riddance, snow! Even children are tired of looking at it, I haven't seen a snowman in a month.


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