Saturday, March 28, 2015


HiYa, Ducky here. Happy Caturday gang. It is bright and sunny, BUT, mum says it is cool out. There was even a bit of frosting on the roofs today when she got up.

Checking out V&G outside, they are fine, no bird-sicles have been found.

Mum went out and got all the shopping done and came home with these two little flowers. She calls them African Violets. Said when she saw them she thought of her mum since she was good at making these grow. 
 So mum bought two and will see if she can get the to survive. She needs to get a place set up where they get light, hum-did-ity and such. They sure are purrty.
 Plus they taste good too! Ha, mum even had the story lady check that they were OK for kitties to nibble on, I was taking a lick at the pink flowers.
 Mum wasn't too thrilled with me getting at them, so now they are up here and she hopes I stay out of them, or she may have to rethink were they will go.
Fine, you don't want me to mess with your flowers, I will go chill out on my tower.

Happy weekend all.


  1. The African violets are pretty. My mum can't keep them alive for long probably because she over waters them.

  2. Pretty much every plant Mom brings into the house (except orchids) end up deaded.

    The Florida Furkids

  3. The mom has an African violet plant. It rarely flowers, and once when it did, I bit all the flowers off of it. The mom was not happy about it. ~Wally

  4. Giving her the "bum of disrespect", Ducky?
    Give them a lick once each for all of us, will ya?

    Happy Sunday!

  5. Okay Ducky - you've licked them, found them not very tasty, so now you can leave them alone, can't you?

    Sydney, Australia

  6. My mommas got tons of those things!

  7. My human's grandmother used to grow African violets. She always wonders what happened to them after she died.

  8. Lovely flowers ! Mum is not able to let flowers and plants survive inside ; she's more talented for outdoor gardening. Purrs

  9. heh heh...taste 'em when your Mum isn't looking!

  10. Furry pretty flowers! Our mom bean won't have any real ones in the house 'cuz some of us won't leave them alone. So she has to make do with outside flowers.

    Enjoy your nap!
    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  11. We are good about leavin indoor plants alone. Hope you are too. Outdoor plants (like the Nips) are fair game though.

  12. What??? No nomming allowed? Why...why...the indignity of it all!


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