Thursday, March 12, 2015

Virginger and Glimmer

Hello! We are back and out in the garden.Gosh it feels so good to have sunshine and warmer temperatures.

For those of you who are newish to the blog. Glimmer is on the left and Squillion Virginger is on the right.  Virginger has seniority and has been here since February 2006!
Right now nothing much is happening in the garden, but we are still glad to be out. Mum won't try to do much on the lawn until later. Too wet yet, but maybe in a few weeks.
Most of the snow in the front of the house is gone. What is left is where it get piled up from the shoveling and the plow. Mum did look in the front and didn't see any daffs or two-lips starting to stick their leaves up.
Here is our temperature thingy from the other day, over 50! With warms like that and sunshine the snow is disappearing fast.

Hope to see you all soon. Love Virginger and Glimmer.


  1. Over 50! We think that's still pretty cold, but it's making the white stuff go away, so that must feel good to Virginier and Glimmer (and the rest of you up there).

  2. Enjoy the sunshine and your spring-like weather ! Purrs

  3. grate ta see ewe again V & G !!!!♥♥♥

    with yur visit we noe garden thurzdayz bee just round de korner, & with it...fishin wermz...coz noe garden iz compleet.... lezz it haz fishin werms !!!

    happee all most spring ~~~ ♥♥♥

  4. Good to see that the two of you are back out in the garden. Enjoy!

    Sydney, Australia

  5. It is so lovely to know that spring is coming!

    The Chans

  6. Mom's seen some flowering trees around here, but that's about right. As for our closest tree that began budding way too early? It got all freezy with the snows, so we have no idea what will happen with it.

  7. How nice to see you, Virginger and Glimmer! We're having some great weather too. Over half of our snow is gone. We can see our patio again!

  8. So happy to see you two! Can only mean spring is really just around the corner!

  9. Glad to see you two out and about again. 50 is warmer than it is here! It is high 30s today and very windy.

  10. Those are gorgeous. Our mom wants a pair for her own garden.

    Emma and Buster

  11. Hello you sure ARE getting some great temps!


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