Monday, March 2, 2015

ManCat Monday

A cats idea of heaven would be mice from wall to wall. A mouse's view of heaven would be no cats there at all. - Andrea Stempel

Mum's idea of heaven is no mousies at all!  None to sneak in the house and become a plaything for us cats!
It is Dr. Seuss day, he wrote some fun books. Mum says like Green Eggs and Ham. I like ham, but not green ham.

Speaking of doctors, I got hauled off to the VET doc for my annual checkup. I am all good to go as I got a very good once over by Dr M. He looked with special things in my eyes and ears. Checked my teeths and even stuck his nose in my mouth to check my breath! Thank goodness I didn't smell bad! So my Caturday in pictures. 

 In the box at home waiting for mum to get the car a bit warm. She did put the one bed inside for extra warmth.
 Waiting again in the waiting area at the office. This is a bunch of hurry and wait.
 Good fighting weight for me. Mum checked back to last year's picture, I was 9.22. Mum says when I sit on her I weight a ton!
 OK, more waiting, up on the table, guess I will check out what is here.
 Nope, just floor and mum standing there.
 This side? Well, cupboards and all of the doc's stuff.
 Let's go and check it out closer, maybe I can find a hidey hole to get into.
 No such luck, then Dr M came in the room and picked me up to admire me and check me out.
 Yeah, the shot pic, good for another year, mum even has a certificate that I am all good on my shots.
 I willingly went back into the PTU, yeah, take me home please mum. She did as soon as they checked my poop and she paid the bill.
 Back in the metal monster, giving mum the evil eye. I know she means well, but I would really not want to go to the stabby place.
 Back home and mum sat me down as she unlocked the house door. It was cold out, but the sun was nice.
 Inside and out of the PTU. I went and chilled for a while, but I didn't ignore mum. I went and sat on her while she tried to nap in the afternoon.
We are in a new month, maybe by the end we can see green grass, flowers and such.

Happy week.


  1. I'm glad everything checked out well at the vet's, Ducky!

  2. My idea of heaven is cats from wall to wall.

  3. That is clever about heaven and mice and cats! I am very glad you had a good checkup. Mom was good to snap all those pictures to illustrate the story.

  4. So gald to see your check-up went well. 9 lbs. is a great weight. I had a brofur that weighed 23 lbs. & mom said he was our cow-cat 'cuz he was so heavy. He was a Maine coon cat & they are not light weight cats. We don't like going to the stabby place either Ducky, but it is good to make sure your health is good. Thank your mom for sharing your story with all the great pictures. Home is always the best place to be isn't it Ducky. You were a very good patient.

  5. Ducky, I always fly back into the troll box too. This always tickles my mom since getting me *in* to begin with is a real trial. Glad you're A-OK!

  6. dood....way happee yur chex up wented sew well...tell mum her shuld buy ewe a new toy coz of it... N just coz....

    & R eye dea oh heaven AND de food serviss gurlz iz a snake free zone !!


  7. I'm glad that you got the all clear from Dr M, Ducky. But next year, insist on having a big bowl of stinky fishy goodness just before you have to get in the PTU to head off. That way you'll be able to puff a really memorable breath all over the vet!

    Sydney, Australia

  8. We're glad your checkup went so well. We're surprised you are only 9 lb. We always assume everybody is a bit heavy on the scale like we are!

  9. We're glad everything went well at the vet. Did you sing the song of your people to your mom in the car ? Purrs

  10. Ewwww....I wouldn't want someone to put their nose in my mouth! We're glad to hear you're in great shape.

    Tipper & The Crew

  11. Glad everything went well at the stabby place Ducky. Sometimes I take mousies indoors from the garden. Mum doesn't seem to appreciate it as much as she should.

  12. Yay for a great checkup!
    Not that is over, you can enjoy watching the snow melt.
    Hopefully sooner than later!
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  13. I am glad you vet trip went well.

  14. We're glad you got a good report from the vet, Ducky. Don't you wish those vet tables were heated?? Hey, we have the same PTU as you!

  15. Going to the Vets on Dr Seuss Day does not seem like a good line in 'The Places You'll Go'!

  16. oooh, green grass.. wait.. what were we talking about.. ??

    Oh yes, you went to the vet.. glad you are doing well..


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