Saturday, December 17, 2016


Happy Caturday everyone. Mum has finally turned on the puter so I can post. She was taking her own sweet time looking out the back at the fevvers. I did join her for a while to watch. Lots of fevvers today, at least once mum went out to clear the snow and refill the feeders.

We got about another 4 inches of snow, the weather guessers say we are supposed to get more late this afternoon and evening.
 Before and after, the foot prints are from the newsy paper guy walking up to toss the paper by the front door. Mum said that help with getting the snow off better, no snow packed down by a car.
So me and mum will wait to see if we get more snow later, she may need to clean again. Then the super cold for Sunday, which means mum will keep the windows covered. The other day she had it partially open, but when she saw where I was sitting, she opened it a bit more.
Happy weekend everyone. Be safe and warm, travel safe if you are traveling.


  1. We are glad we dont have snow yet. But we have frozen rain and that might be worse.

  2. That's a lot of white stuff ! We're glad we don't have snow (yet...). Purrs

  3. It snowed before we came to Vancouver, and while it has been sunny, it has been cold and the snow stuck. So we are actually having better weather than you right now! It's very walkable and drivable right now. We are going back to L.A. tonight, and missed the rainstorm and wind there - we are just really lucky right now!

  4. We is having the colds Ducky, but not much snow. Mom bean says it is supposed to warm up some tomorrow so we might get the snow then. We can't be out in our sunny room because it is far too cold so we're hoping for the warms soon.

    We hopes your mom bean doesn't have to clear the driveway to often. Stay warm and dry Ducky!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  5. No sign of snow at this end. In fact, we had a lovely sunny day!

    The Chans

  6. That is a lot of snow already! Our weather is being weird again. It has been really cold, but today was very mild and my mum was in the garden cutting back her shrubs and wearing only a T shirt.

  7. That snow looks lovely, but I guess it has its downsides. Stay inside mum and Ducky, and keep warm and dry.

    Sydney, Australia

  8. We only got about another 3 inches...we're glad about that...but then we had some freezing drizzle which made things worse...and now it's supposed to get real cold.

  9. Nice pictures of the snow! I like the snow but we didn't got a lot, only 1 inch so far...


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