Saturday, June 10, 2017


HiYa Ducky here. Happy Caturday.

The day has gotten off to a good start, me and mum had a nice cuddle first thing while mum was in the sleepy spot. She is awake but not quite ready to get out of bed. So I join her for a while to get my loves from here.

She then got up and moved to the fevver watching chair and we had a watch of all the fevvers, chippies and sqwerls in the yard. I was watching and mum asked if she could join me, of course I said yes. Then I jumped on her lap for a better view and more loves.
 The hots are supposed to arrive today, me and mum are ready. She got up the fans from the dungeon so help move the air around. She will also turn on the air chiller for the house if needed. 
Yay, have a wonderful weekend all.


  1. Hope you don't get too hot. We've been in the 90s and it is BOILING. Our cooler guys were so slammed that they won't get here until Monday. We guess we're lucky to have fans!

  2. Sounds like a good day for both of you. It has turned cool here again, 58F. I hope summer soon arrives.

  3. Hope you have lovely weather, and it's not TOO hot!

  4. Yep, the hots are coming here too. Today was hot...but not too bad.

  5. Was that a great big yawn at the end? Wowza!

    Sydney, Australia

  6. LOVE that last photo! We have the "hots" and Mom is already waiting for Fall! Love, Cody catchatwithcarenandcody

  7. The weekend is almost over, we sure hope you and mom had a good one.

  8. Sounds like a great way to spend your Saturday. It's strangely cool and cloudy here today but should be 100 F by next weekend.


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