Monday, June 19, 2017

ManCat Monday

An ordinary kitten will ask more questions than any five-year old. - Carl Van Vechten

Ordinary? We cats, and the kittens are not ordinary. Questions, you betcha, we have questions and most times you beans can't answer them.

So mum did her racy weekend and I thinks she overdid it. Remember mum, you are not that young and days of pounding up and down on pavement for three days will get to you. Mum was so bizzy she didn't even take pictures!
 This is an old pic. Mum says this is the top of where they line cars up and way back on the right hand side is a white banner. That is how far back it goes. Mum says about two tenths of a mile. Mum can't count how many times back and forth she went, well, all of her furiends walked.

  So I am sitting by mum, cuz she needs to go to bed and get all rested. I know the calendar is clear for tomorrow, so no getting up early for you then. We both can stay home and chill. You get some good sleeps you will feel all better.

Oh Yeah, it is box day too.


  1. Yep, humans overdo their activities, and then it is up to us kitties to help them feel better.

  2. A lot of sleepin are always da best remedy!

  3. Enjoy your day of rest with your mom, Ducky!

  4. Sit on top of her all day Ducky and make sure she rests.

    Sydney, Australia

  5. Keeping busy at your house. We're trying to "chill" but it's hard in this heat wave.

  6. You look good in that box, Ducky.

  7. Great box ! We hope you had a nice day with your mom. Purrs


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