Saturday, July 1, 2017


HiYa, Ducky here. Happy first day of July! A new month. Right now I am sitting on mum's boobities while I tell her what to put in my post.
First, Happy Canada Day to all of our furiends to the north. Happy 150 to you. Mericky is older but that is OK. We like your country, even if it is colder than we are. Well at least some of your parts are colder. Plus you have a much nice guy leading your country than we do. ::Sigh::

Second, our first day lily bloomed yesterday and mum spyed another bloom this AM when she went out to get the newsy paper. Yay, we have flowers again.
I have moved off mum to sit and enjoy the wonderful day we are having. Sunshine, nice breezes and open windows.
Happy weekend everyone. Be safe.


  1. Happy Caturday Ducky!

    We're having a warm one here on Canada Day (not hot, just purrfect Mom says). Enjoy your sunshine.

  2. My human and I are celebrating Canada Day here! Although we're in California.

  3. Happy Caturday ! The lily is gorgeous ! Purrs

  4. That lily is such a beautiful colour. Yesterday was wet and cold. Temperature dropped to mid 50s and it is suppose to be the middle of summer!

  5. Lovely flowers Ducky.

    Sydney, Australia

  6. Sounds like you're having a great Caturday.

  7. We love our friends in Canada. Happy Canada Day!

  8. Happy Canada Day to our Northern friends! And we get our celebration in a few days.


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