Saturday, July 29, 2017


Happy Caturday gang. Hope all is well with you. I have been working hard these past few days. And working hard at night too.

One night mum was up and prowling around in the dark. She should have been in bed, said it was in-somnia. I don't know what somnia is, but she wanted me to come purr her to sleep. So I did and I stayed in bed with her until the sun came up. So the next night I made sure she went to bed on time and stayed there. I purred her to sleep again. I think she is back on track for her sleeps now.

Yesterday a bunch of guys showed up to give some of our trees a cut. Mum says they look so much nicer now.

Here are a few pictures before the cuts.
Now here are the after pics. There were two guys, so one on each tree that needed trimming. One guy was up in the tree with the bucket from the truck, the other hoisted himself up with a rope and would move around cutting. He even saw me in the front window and said hello.

So, mum says the big outside stuff is done for now. She is happy, but she has to pay for it now!

Happy Weekend.


  1. The guys did a good job with that tree. How kind of you to help your mom to sleep ! We hope she won't suffer from insomnia again ! Purrs

  2. It looks much lighter now those trees have been trimmed back. Ducky, I know how your mum feels with insomnia as I suffer from it too.

  3. Excellent snoopervision Ducky - mum with her sleeps and those chaps with the trees. You have been very busy.

    Sydney, Australia

  4. That's the problem with all the big outside things - the humans have to spend so much money to get them done!

  5. that has to be a super hard job to trim all of those beautiful trees! You must have lovely shade there. catchatwithcarenandcody

  6. Tree trimming is expensive. I hope you have a separate piggy bank for cat treats.


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