Thursday, April 26, 2018

Garden Thursday

Hello from the garden from all four of us. Finally the weather is turning nicer. Our icky snow from last week has all melted in our yard. Mum says she see big piles of snow yet in parking lots, but we don't care about that.
 Our group shot in the nice sunshine on Wednesday. It feels so good to be outside in the warms and the sunshine.
 The daffs are finally blooming, the mini ones on top and the big size below. Color of flowers in our yard.
 Sort of hard to see but mum switched out some of the feeders. She hung out three hummer feeders. She read somewhere that having more than one feeder and having them close together actually helps attract more hummers. We shall see. Plus the oriole feeder is out with an orinch cut in half for them to eat.
Hope things have improved at your house as well. We certainly are enjoying things here now that spring really decided to show up.

Love to all, see you next week.


  1. Good to see all four of you out in the sun. Gorgeous flowers - well done mum!

    Sydney, Australia

  2. Very good news, girls! We love your daffs.

  3. Yay for Spring finally arriving!

  4. wavez two everee one on sum grazz oh green !!!! we iz kinda sorta at spring time heer in de land oh trout; still brisk in de morn tho, but noe snowz ore we will take it !! ☺☺♥♥

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  6. We are happy Spring has arrived for you. But our experience is that hummers fight about feeders so TBT puts our 3 far apart. One in the farback, one at the deck, and one in the front yard. Or does close feeders force them to be friendlier?

  7. I am glad the snow has gone and you girls can enjoy the sunshine. The last few days have turned a lot colder again.

  8. Wow! What a difference a week made! Yippee for daffodils finally coming up! Ours are half gone and ditto with our early tulips. Mom's still thinking about hummingbirds, thinking she wants to tackle a feeder again after giving up on them years ago, but our hummers love to drink and bath in our fountain (no sugar there, though, for energy) and Mom hates the thought of all the wasps the feeders in the past attracted. So, will she make a decision, ever? Who knows?


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