Monday, April 30, 2018

ManCat Monday

The cat always leaves a mark on his friend. - Spanish Proverb

Me and mum had a nice weekend. I had lots of sun puddles, naps, play time, foods and cuddles. Can't ask for much more.
 Now that we are getting way into spring the sun comes around the back of the house and gives me a wonderful spot to hang out in the sun in the afternoon. Or perhaps have a bit of a bath.
Mum worked on her Derby slash Cinco de Mayo hat. The ribbon has the colors of the Mexican flag, a few roses (fake ones) and a play horse on top. Mum says it is not really looking like a race horse, but she couldn't find a race horse figure.
Mum took a picture of her wearing her hat. Sort of clashes with the tie dye mum. I hope you have a less crazy top to wear with this.
It is supposed to get really nice this week.Which means lots of open windows, mum can work in the garden as well. Happy week everyone.


  1. A bath in the sun is always lovely.

    Sydney, Australia

  2. Ducky, tell your mom "whatever floats your boat!"

  3. We're glad you enjoyed a nice weekend ! What a pretty hat ! Purrs

  4. We think the hat is great! When the Derby is over, maybe she could replace the horse with a cat!

  5. A good hat goes with annything. It stands alone. TBT says his mother once wore a full Ben Hur chariot race hat to a party and he doubts anyone had the slightest recollection after of what else she wore!

  6. Now that is a hat our mum would wear! We love it!

  7. Sounds like you had a perfect weekend, Ducky ! I love Mum's hat !

  8. That's a great hat! I am glad your weather is improving. Ours is supposed to also.

  9. Cool hat. We put a sombrero on our garden cat, "Spike" to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. We stopped decorating him for the holidays a couple years ago, but there's a new 2-year old boy down the street who likes to walk by and see the interesting stuff in our yard.

  10. We think if you drop a little hint about how tasty you imagine the hoppy little treats to be, YOU might get some, too. But YOU have actually MET Miss Megan, have you not? So *I* am the one who should be jellous. (I'm glad you are FURRY jellous and not FURY jellous though).

    In other news. that's a fab hat. You are lucky you has a crafty mom.

    Funny you mentioned your retirement series. I'd like to read that again--was it like two years ago???


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