Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Tuesday This and That

OMC, I thinks spring is here and actually might hang around. It has been so nice that mum has even opened the big window that goes to the floor for a bit in the afternoon. I loves that as I can get my nap in and get fresh air too.
 So you can see me above, just a little bit ago, basking in the sun. Below, yeah, that is a woofie. That is one of the shop dogs where mum takes the grass eater for its tuneup. If the peoples have to move around, they have to step over him. They have a few other dogs around too, mum has stepped over and around them too.
 Mum has a special project to get together for her next racy weekend. A hat for Stinky Mayo Derby Day. So roses, a horse, red, green and white fevvers and ribbon too. Once mum gets it done, we will show it then.
I hopes the nice weather has gotten to your houses too. I sure am enjoying my good weather.


  1. Perhaps your mum could make you a hat too, Ducky?!

    Sydney, Australia

  2. We're so glad you finally have nice weather! So, Ducky, are you going to help with those feathers or what?

  3. Golden Retrievers are the best! Our grass eater has been fed twice already!

  4. dood...............uh.......

    well...moovin a way frum de burd skinz....we iz glad ya getted
    sum fresh airz....hopin we can soon ! ☺☺♥♥


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