Monday, February 10, 2020

ManCat Monday

You mean my granddaughter is a cat? - Sarah Rouhan

Yep! Furry grand cats and dogs. I didn't get to know Grampie very well, or him to know me. He was a nice and gentle guy. I met him the next day after I came to live with mum. He even suggested a name for me, but mum didn't agree, so I stayed Ducky.

We had a nice Caturday and a snowy Sunday. Mum stayed home both days and rested her ankle. Still a little wonky but she will be seeing the therapy lady today. Hopefully she can help make it feel a bit better. 
 This was me on Caturday afternoon, just sitting on mum while she readed for a while. Plus she watched the moving picture box some too. Sunday mum turned on the box to watch the crashcar race and boy did they crash a lot. Almost didn't have any cars left at the finish.
 Here is the snow as of about 4 PM on Sunday. Mr Nick had been by to clear the drive, but he will need to come back when the snow is all done falling.
 Back yard, no fevvers around as mum didn't go out to knock the snow off the feeders. So you can see how deep it has gotten on the one feeder. Maybe 4-5 inches and still snowing.
 Oh yeah. Are you a tabby like me? If so are you a member of the Tabby Cat Club? If not we would like to have you join us. We are a low key but fun group of cats who just hang out and have fun. All you have to be is a tabby to join. Click HERE to go to our site and check it out.
So everyone have a wonderful week.


  1. I hope the therapy human can help your human's ankle feel better!

  2. Brrrr, that snow makes me (dad, actually) shiver and NOT miss living where he and mom are from.

  3. That is a lot of snow!
    Maybe it is the cold weather making the ankle more painful. I have plates in my right ankle, and as soon as winter comes it aches a lot even though it happened 14 years ago. (Thanks Eric!)

  4. I often tell my mother about her grandcats, to which she laughs!
    We had sun, then snow, then sun, then snow...egads! Temps are warm enough for the stuff to melt, but no very blah out there.

  5. We hope your Mom does good with the therapy! Dang, we even had snow Ducky, not as much as you but for us it was a lot.

  6. We hope your mum’s ankle is better soon. You got way more snow than we did.

  7. We're expecting snow tonight/tomorrow. We think that Phil guy fibbed.

  8. We hope therapy with your mom went well for her ankle. You sure did get hit with a lot of snow. Thanks for the share. Have a wonderful day.
    World of Animals

  9. You really did get a LOT of snow! We got maybe a half inch.

  10. TBT says he saw a sticker in a car window recently that said "My children are all furry" and there were 3 kitty decals after that. MOL!

    Nasty-looking snow. We havent had anny. We might not this Winter at all. We are all paws-crossed for THAT!


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