Thursday, February 27, 2020

Throw Back Thursday

Howdy all. We didn't get hit by the snow storm this week. It went south of us and mum is happy for that. Mum even spied some daffy-dil shoots coming out of the ground yesterday. Plus what snow is left on the ground. Getting thinner but still lots of white stuff on the ground.

Today's throw back kshows one of Derby and my early encounters.

ManCat Monday

Monday, March 1, 2010

A little cat, meowing by the front door - the perfect welcome home after a hard day at work. - Author Unknown
Yep, I wait by the door for mum to come in from the metal monster room. I can hear the door open and in she walks. She puts down her stuff and I lay down to get my tummy rubs and scritches.

These days I get to see mum first when she comes home as the runt is in quaritine in the sleepy room. So I am the official greeter of the house. Only once I have my fill of pets and scritches does mum go into the sleepy room.

Caturday all sorts of stuff happened. The guy next door came and stole part of our tree! Mum said he was supposed to do that. Mum owes him, but it will be a neighborly owe to buy him his favorite adult beverage!
Then some guy came and put in a new washy thing in the kitchen. Mum said to get a new one before the very old one broked and wouldn't work.

Finally Miss Lynn came by late Caturday afternoon. I got some attention, then they went back to see the runt. I could hear Miss Lynn, ooohing and ahhhing, over him. Then they went to eat, came back and mum let the runt out for a bit, so I chased him around to show Miss Lynn how THoE is played.

Sunday morning mum let the runt out again but put him inside the porch. She did finally let him out so we did the THoE, then this!
I won, pinned him down. Then mum made me leave the sleepy room. But the runt has spunk. In the words of Lou Grant, "I hate spunk."


  1. It was nice to see the flashback of you and Derby getting to know each other. I hope you soon told him that your name wasn't The Runt!

  2. Nice wrestling match!
    Ducky, we received about 6 inches of snow yesterday, but after a few days of cold weather, the temps go up again, and hopefully this will all melt away.
    And some of our irises have shoots up, and of course the snow drops are up too.

  3. dood....we got sum thin sproutin two, now all we gotta due iz rememburr what de flowerz be called !!!!!!! :) 3♥

  4. It was fun seeing you two together like that!

  5. We're glad you didn't let Derby bully you, Ducky!


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