Monday, February 24, 2020

Mini-ManCat Monday

Cats are good at climbing stone walls, even the walls we build around ourselves.

Yes I am a tiny boy and so I am going back to calling Monday's post Mini-ManCat Monday like it was years ago. Being mini is mighty!

Heh, mum sometimes likes to build a pillow fort around herself in the sleepy spot, so I can't worm in next to her. No problem, I just walk on her and be on top of her!
 It was a super sunny weekend and we even got a bit of warms. Mum opened a window for a bit to let some fresh airs into the house. Plus the sun is getting higher and stronger so it really makes for nice napping and getting all warm.

Then in the evening to stay warm mum has her blankie to cover up with, plus me to keep her warm while she watches the moving picture box. Plus you can see the purple blankie she is working on right now. She worked on it while she watched some of the crashcar race and then again while catching up on a recorded show.

 Mum moving back into the chair next to me and me getting the love I deserve!

 It was so nice Sunday that mum even went for a short walk outside, the snow was melting, but we are supposed to get more snow this week. We both want spring!

Have a wonderful week everyone!


  1. Your mum is a bit silly if she thinks that building a pillow fort is gonna stop you from getting snuggled in close to her!

    Sydney, Australia

  2. dood....yur lookin good buddy live & in de reel time :) N we thinkz purr pull mite just bee YUR color; hope mum givez de new blankit two ewe...hint hint !!! :) ☺☺♥♥

  3. Genji is pretty mini. Maybe he should do that too!

    Tama and Genji

  4. We agree, you are quite the handsome mini-dude!

  5. Ducky, we are having to same weather; warmish now, rain and snow soon! Can only hope this is one of the last snowfalls of the season.

  6. As if a pillow fort could stop you ! Purrs

  7. I'm glad your human got to go for a walk! It's going to be in the low 80s here later this week, can you believe it? Then back down to low 60s by Sunday. So confusing.

  8. We had a lot of sun this weekend too, Ducky. It felt great!

  9. Ducky, you and Mum are the perfect size for each other !


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