Monday, July 25, 2022

Mini-ManCat Monday

Never try to out-stubborn a cat.

 Yep, I can be stubborn, usually not.

We had a visit, or rather mum has a visit from a woofie last week. Aunty Lynn brought her woof to meet mum. 

It was hot out so mum gave him a bowl of water. So they chatted, mum petted the woof for a while and then they left. I did not go outside to meet them and they did not come inside.  I can see it is another terrorist she got.

Plus we had some wicked weather over the weekend. Mum didn't get much sleep cuz of the storms and weather warnings. Oh, and staying up very late to watch the entire baseball game that lasted until midnight. Oh well, she got lots of crow-shay done. 

Lots of hats, this yarn is from a fellow cat mum. Now she is trying to use up all the little bits and bobs to make funky kids hats. 

Happy last week of July.



  1. Terrorist! Ha Ha Ha! That's funny!

    We hope your weather settles down soon.

    The Chans

  2. The weather has been rather peculiar.

  3. That’s a good looking terrorist. :)

  4. That’s a good looking terrorist. :)

  5. I know all about terrorists, MOL.

  6. Those are cute little hats! I hope your weather has improved.


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