Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Wonderful Wordy Wednesday

I had a quiet 4th, staying home and staying safe. Locally we had a fatal car / pedestrian accident after the local fireworks on the 3rd. Then the Highland Park incident on the 4th. Sad day when our holidays are marked with tragedy and death. 

I stuck my nose in a book and watched baseball to avoid the news for a while. 

All of the above were good, a couple of new authors as well. Some authors these were their debut novels.Will have to see how second books come out and if they are any good.

 The Poacher's Son was the first book of a series. Male author, male main character and it might be a series that is better suited to a man. Wasn't my thing, didn't finish it. Did like Mercury Rising about the early days of the space program. Hour of the Witch was interesting but hard to read as the dialog was done as the people would have spoken back in the 1600's in Salem MA. Author also wrote The Flight Attendant. 

Very true. When I find a book or author I think I might like I check to see if it is a series. Then make sure I start with the first book. I have far too many times read a book well into a series. Then I have to got back and start at the beginning. 

I also recently read about people who when they read a series and a new book comes out, the go back and reread all of the previous books. No way would I do this, I have too much to read anyway. Plus I have ones series that is on book 15. I would not want to read the same books a dozen times. 

Hard to believe we are into July! Where has the year gone. Lots of stuff has happened and more to happen in the months to come. 

Happy reading. 


  1. I've enjoyed every book that I've read by Chris Bohjalian.
    Yep, I re-read series to catch up with a new book; am re-reading Elly Griffith's Ruth Galloway mysteries right now, and it's delightful to dip myself back into those waters.
    Also, it's surprising to catch nuggets that I missed on the first read.
    We all have our own styles, and that is the beauty of reading; each of us really reads a different book!

  2. We love the quote, it's so true ! Purrs

  3. Sorry no comments about books- just wanted to stop by while trying to catch up to say thank you for your kind words of condolence on our dear Cleopatra's departing for the Rainbow Bridge. It was way too soon, and we are struggling with the daily sadness and reminders all around us. Be well, and have a good weekend.


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