Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Wonderful Wordy Wednesday

Two Parts Bloody Murder by Jen Danna, our local libraries only had the first and fourth of the series, so I ended up buying the ebooks through Amazon. They weren't available through Overdrive either and I think it is because they were more short story length, rather than full size books. The author has another series under her name, as well as writing under the pseudonym of Sara Driscoll. I like her style of writing and topics. 

The Secret Wife by Gill Paul, was good. She has used a current time story to like back to related story of a relative. It has been effective. 

 The Cat Sitter and the Canary is the final book of the series. The author Blaize Clement had died and her son wrote a few more books based on her notes. No new books since 2016, although this book had a cliff hanger in it where a character from the earlier books showed up in the final pages. Arrrgghh. Guess I get to write, in my head, as to what happens next!

 Empire of Pain is a book about the Sackler family and Perdue Pharma, the makers of OxyContin. A drug that many point to as being a seminal factor in the opioid crisis that is currently happening
 Reading is a habit I will endure any day! Below, I usually don't try to read two books at once. I find it easier to just read one, finish it and move to the next. 

 Mowed half of the yard on Tuesday night. Was a bit humid but the sun was mostly behind the trees. I can finish today or tomorrow. It had been 11 days since I last mowed as it has been dry and the grass is growing very slowly. 

On my last book of my current stash. My order for new books is in, just waiting for them to arrive from other libraries. 

Happy reading. 


  1. If I'm listening to a series on audiobook, then there is a gap, I'll try to get the CDs. If that doesn't work, I check out the ebook and actually read.
    The voices from the narrator often follow to the ebook, interesting phenomenon.

  2. I'm working on the Cat Scouts book club book right now.


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