Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Wonderful Wordy Wednesday

A couple of clunkers here for me. Red, White and Royal Blue is probably aimed at young adults. Story of a romance between the son of the President and the son of the royalty in England. Yes, a bromance!

Simply Julia is a cook book and I think I probably thought it was based on Julia Child. No, I didn't find any recipe or cooking stuff to use.

A few sport books in here since I am a sports fan. The cheating scandal in baseball which involved the Astros. Sidelined is about women is sports and how they are treated.

 Holly Danvers is a midwest author and this new series of hers is set in Wisconsin. Cute and there is a second book out now to read as well. She does have other series as well.

I got to meet this guy yesterday, his name is Finch. My friend adopted him last September, but I hadn't had the chance to meet him. He turns one  year old on Saturday, so I got him a bag of dog treats. He was very nice in taking the treats from me. I also put out a bowl of water since it was hot. She was on her way home with him after getting him groomed.

Lots of time for reading these days. Hot and humid during the day, so outside chores get done in the evening after the yard is in shade. 


  1. You are right; this weather is purrfect for reading!
    Am currently listening to an audiobook: Anne Perry's William Monk series, Book first time reading these. They are very good; a bit different from other London Regency-era stories.
    And am reading an ebook: Coffin road by Peter May, since no library that I subscribe to has the audiobook. Current day mystery set in the islands north of Scotland.

  2. Yaaaay - I can comment again! Reading is a very important part of my life and having ready access to an excellent local library makes a big difference to me. I'm finding your Wordy Wednesday posts very interesting.


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