Monday, April 10, 2023

Mini-ManCat Monday

Cats don't have owners. They have caretakers!

Hope everyone had a nice Easter. Me and mum did! She cooked a nice roast beast along with baked potato. Plus she was so into eating it that she didn't take a pic! Yep, I got a taste too.

The weather is getting super nice too. Mum is letting the windows open more, even the bid windows that go to the floor. The front window too. Mum even got a moovie of me in the window!

 Yeah, mum takes really good care of me. Good foods, toys, play time and lots and lots of loves!

 I helped mum watched the ball game, they have been winning lots this year so far.

Mum spent some time outside yesterday too doing some easy yard work. Picking up sticks that fell from the trees. Plus she says she can see the leaves starting to come out on the lilac and four-sith-ia. It may look like spring soon too, not just on the temp side with open window weather. 

Here are two of our crocus blooms too. 

 So everyone have a wonderful week.


  1. We were outside picking up sticks too, Ducky.
    It's fun to see the buds and green shoots coming up through the leaf litter.
    Our prickly pear is going like bonzo; who'd have thunk Michigan had native cactus?

  2. It is nice to get the fresh air coming in the windows.

  3. Hurray fer the open windows. And the crocuses are lovely!!

  4. We are so pleased that spring is springing. The next step is for it to get warm enough to open some windows!

    The Chans


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