Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Wonderful Wordy Wednesday

 Hello and welcome. I am late getting a few notes in here. It has been a busy week but with sunshine and warmer than average temperatures. The outside Christmas lights are out, but not yet lit up. Still working on leaves as my one tree is being stubborn about letting go! So outside and not inside as much reading.

Death at the Chateau Bremont, new author and series to me. Set in Aix-in-Provance France. The two main characters are Antoine Verlaque, an examining magistrate for the police and Marine Bonnet a law professor. The two are also ex-lovers. A childhood friend of Marine has died and Antoine thinks it wasn't an accident. When a second death occurs, he is sure both were murders. Involving the Russian mafia and a few other unsavory characters the two manage to work out the killer.

A Taste for Poison is written by a Professor of Physiology and Biophysics, he goes through eleven deadly compounds, relates how they work and provides real live cases where they were used. Real life criminals, not just fictional characters and crimes.

Drawn in Blood, former FBI agent Sloan Burbank is called to help solve an attack against her father and his partners in the art world. Aspects involve possible forgery, Asian gangs and love interest for Sloan.

Rock Paper Scissors a couple, Mr and Mrs Wright, are on a winter weekend trip to Scotland to celebrate their anniversary. Both are keeping secrets from each other and this weekend will make or break their relationship. This one didn't end like I expected!

I got nine of the fifteen. I don't buy books much anymore but I have checked out the same book that I have read before. I'm always happy when I know I am the first person to get the new book at the library (after being on a wait list for months). I will check a book out without reading the description if it is the next book in a series.

Yeah, books stores and librarians have the same issue. It had a blue or red cover etc. My library does a display in the main lobby and one time they did it will books that all had a green cover!

And I keep laughing until the next yarn sale. Although now I am into prime crochet season so at least I am using up the yarn I have already purchased. Although I probably have a 2 year supply on hand!

Happy Reading. 

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  1. I've got Alice Feeney's "Rock Paper Scissors" on my TBR list, at the top, but I'm currently swamped with finishing two separate series before the next book comes out for both.


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