Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Wonderful Wordy Wednesday

Hello and happy to be home after my hospital stay. I took one book with me thinking it would amuse me if I had to sit in the waiting room. If you are a cardiac issue, no waiting! Plus when did try to start it it didn't grab me. I had a friend bring me one of my other books and I will see if I can get into it now that I am home.

From Saturday Night to Sunday Night, author is Dick Ebersol who worked for both ABC and NBC as a TV executive. Heavily involved with the Olympics, NFL football and many other sports. Along with Lorne Michaels he had a hand in developing Saturday Night Live.

The Forest of Vanishing Stars is a fictionalized account of the Jews who during World War II escaped from the ghettos and lived in the forests of eastern Europe. The main character Yona was stolen as a two year old from a Nazi and grows up to be a leader of those in hiding. She meets her father again during her life with deadly consequences.

Elizabeth: Queen and Crown a short bio of the late Queen. Lots of pictures but nothing new. I suppose it will be a few years before a definitive biography comes out on her life, once scholars are allowed to look at private papers that wouldn't have been released during her life. 

Happy Reading.


  1. TBT says he is definitely an Introvert Reader, but of 2 genres. Sci-Fi and Science.

  2. yeow dude….we just hurd mumz heart waz abit crazed! we R glad her iz home
    and we noe ewe iz tripull doubull happee herz home. keep an eye on her buddy
    and due knot cauz her any trubullz. sendin lotz oh healtheez two her and hope
    herz on de road two ree coveree and stayz ther πŸ’šπŸ˜ΊπŸ’™πŸŸ

  3. "All is lost!"
    My TBR pile is just under 800, and that doesn't include all the books in a series.
    Unfortunately, I cannot help but ask people what they are reading, so I add MORE almost every day.
    AND, there are stacks of physical books for me to venture into, but not until I finish my current audiobook, then another audiobook drops into my queue from the library, and away I go, as the books gather dust.

  4. Our HuMom went to the ER with what started out as flu and ended up having minor surgery for kidney stones, and she not only didn't have her Kindle with her, she didn't have the charger cord for her phone - so we are especially glad your Mama is home and doing well and so is ours !

  5. All is lost, and if I didn't work full time, I'd be back to reading full time!

    I hope your recovery goes well.

  6. I have long been t the "all is lost" stage when it comes to books, but at least I know I'm unlikely to run out of reading material!


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