Wednesday, January 3, 2024

Wonderful Wordy Wednesday

I finished 2023 with 177 books. I thought I had already done 177 and had one more to do, but I had already counted the one I was working on. Plus listening to lots of good music. Christmas and otherwise. 

First trip to the library yesterday. My usual in and out, return my book, pick up the new BookPage, check the lucky day shelf and then the circulation desk to get my holds. 

Lunch while going through BookPage, off to the Y to get exercise. Only then could I sit and read! 

Weather has turned colder, but still no snow on the ground!


The Milky Way: An Autobiography is written by a PhD in astrophysics and did her undergrad work in astronomy and mythology. An interesting but at times a little deep. Written as if the author was the Milky Way.

Liquid Rules interesting in that did you know that peanut butter is actually a liquid? Fun things on all liquids.

Storm in a Teacup written by a physicist who conveys in an interesting way on why things do what they do. Why waves do what they do, bubbles and how they work. Why popcorn pops and other fun things.

They Knew the author's premise is that the US has a culture of conspiracy and that keeps the population complacent. Not sure I agree but she does present some interesting facts. Conspiracy, conspiracy theories on 9/11, QAnon, Trump, Jeffrey Epstein, criminal elite. One thing she said is that American is rotting from within, that I think I can agree with.

Happy Reading!


  1. Yes, I believe I'll read another chapter!

  2. dood..storm in a tea cup soundz awesum! hope ewe N mum haza grate mew yeer and good stuff comez yur way each day ‼️💙🐟😺

  3. Happy New Year! Dad and I love the book ban one. Dead on!

  4. Love the cartoons!

    Sydney, Australia


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