Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Wonderful Wordy Wednesday

Winter weather has actually arrived as of yesterday. Wet slushy snow to start, then just snow later. Worked to get the slush off before it could freeze on the pavement. Plus after the plow went through to get the mess out of the end of the driveway. Had that done by about 2 PM. 

Will have to clear off the snow that fell later on Wednesday, but that I can probably do with the snow blower and do it quickly. Supposed to get more snow and be really cold next week too. 

Okay, winter weather means time to read and watch stuff on Netflix. 

itch Way Out - Violet is asked to participate as a vendor in the Spring Equinox Fair. Then the main organizer is found dead by Violet. Who done him in?

An Untidy Death is the second installment of the Decluttering Mysteries. Ellen is tasked with giving an opinion if a living space is hazardous. She thinks no, but later the place goes up in flames, killing the occupant. Accident or murder? Plus a new admirer for Violet.

Intrigue in Istanbul the latest Jane Wunderly mystery. She returns home to Boston to introduce her man to her father. When she arrives she finds out he has taken a huge loan with their home as collateral and the loan is due. Her father is in Istanbul searching for a long missing relic. Jane and her man go there to find out what is going on.

The Killing Code Kit Sutherland isn't who she appears to be. She is hired by the government to work as an analyst decoding messages in World War II. Then she and some of her fellow analyst also start to hunt for the person who is killing government worker girls. The truth hits close to home.

Happy Reading.


  1. Libraries are places of magic, imho.

  2. We have been threatened by serious Winter weather snow twice in the past week. But being on the Southeast side of town, it is just rain. Not that we are unhappy about that. It was a dry year. Rain is good. And rain in early Winter is very helpful to shrubs and trees before the ground freezes!

  3. Love that meme "can't buy happiness but you can buy books". And then that makes one happy :-).


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