Saturday, November 24, 2012


HiYa, Ducky here. Hope all of our Meriky furiends have been having a good holiday weekend. 
 Me hanging out with my little cat ducks on top of the cabinet. Furry roomy here right now as something is missing from up here? Remember what should be here?

Yep, mum's ticky tock clock! It went it for some TLC at the shop a few weeks ago. Mum says it is so quiet without it and no chimes or ticky tock making noise. Plus the little tree should come back soon too.
 This was mum's T-Day dinner, not turkey but duck. The fevver kinda duck, not me of course. Grilled to a nice crispy doneness.
 We got some duck too, but not from this meal. Mum remember my sweetie Dora had sent some treats to me a while back and they were made of duck.

 They are quiet nommy, mum put out a small pile for me to try. I snarfed them right up.
 All gone Derby! Mum did give him his own little pile to eat.

 We like the package message. Kitties get grump and sad without fresh water!

Plus when we were doing our post the other day, we ran out of picture storage room and so did a lot of other kitties. Hmmm, that we all ranned out on the same day, that makes mum suspicious! Plus since they changed over to this new blogger, you could never tell how close you were coming to be full. We send razberries to blogger people, we thinks you just want to make more money. Mum did pay for us to have more pictures, as we like to post pictures.

Have a good rest of the weekend. It is now furry cold here, so we are doing our best to keep warms.


  1. The duck looks good. Does it bother Ducky to have duck? Does it worry him? I'd be worried if Ducky were my name...

  2. I love duck! And I love you too, Ducky... just not in the same way. ;-)

  3. That duck does look delicious. Our mum likes duck much better than turkey.

  4. Hmmm...I don't think I've ever had real live fresh dead duck. Someone around here is slacking...

  5. Those duck treats look nommy! I eat duck stinky goodness so I bet I would like those treats alot!!

  6. We've had duck and it IS nommy! We're waiting for the day that it starts to cost $$ to blog, *sigh*.

  7. That crispy duck sure looks good!

    I had to do a double-take when you said she put a small pile of those duck morsels out for you. I thought the photo of the big pile was the one you were talking about (at first).

  8. Duck sounds so yummy, even though we've never had any. However, we got lots of turkey over the holiday!

  9. Dora made a good choice to send that to you...she is a sweet girl!
    We like how they always use the term "feeling poorly"

  10. Duck treats would sure be a treat! I might have to get some of those!

  11. I'm grumpy whether or not I have fresh water, MOL!!!

    What's this poppycock about running out of room??? Does Blogger warn you?? Now we are freaked out!!! Ha ha ha. The Human gets freaked out pretty easy.


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