Monday, November 19, 2012

ManCat Monday

The dog for the man, the cat for the woman. - English Proverb

Well, guess that is why there are more crazy cat ladies, and not crazy cat men. But then of course we have Not the Mama of Purrchance to Dream. Mo is a cat man magnet if anyone is a cat magnet!

The bestest news we have is that we have a mum week. She has a big piece of paper that says "Week Off". 

But below that she has listed a whole lotta stuff that she needs to get done before she goes back to day hunting. You can see the red lines, those are the things she has already finished, but then she keeps adding things too.
 Her biggest project is to clear out stuff she doesn't use and most of that is clothes. Mum says she has way too much stuff, old stuff she hasn't worn in ages. Or too many of the same thing. So this was the pile about noon time on Caturday.
 Then after lunch is attacked the linen closet. I Derby used to be able to get into this often, then mum kept putting stuff in and more stuff in. See, now Ducky can get in and sit on the bottom shelf.
 Here is a bit off the pile of stuff mum says she could add to the, it is going away pile.
All done, looks nice and mum can actually find stuff. She found stuff she forgot she had and then she goes and gets more! All of the hand lotion and shower gel stuff is now in a different spot where she can easily see what she has. 
The final pile! It includes some winter coats and other peoples will be happy to have something warm to wear at this time of the year. 
 After the feetsball game mum went out and put some lights on the house. It wasn't that dark yet when mum took the picture, but since we don't get much snow the last few years, mum wanted to brighten up the outside. They will be officially lighted on Friday.

Feetsball Report

The Pack - the sort of good team showed up. They won, but not by much. Mum says she thinks they need to get a new kicker, he isn't doing good now and he used to be really good. If it isn't the foot it is his brain. 

The Broncos  - They played the left coast team from Sandy Eggo and beat them. So they are in first place in their division. 

Have a good week all. To our Mericky furiends, if your beans are travelling, please do be safe.


  1. Wow, your mummy has done a great job there. Our mummy needs to do that before the ceiling comes down hee he. Have a wonderful week with your mummy :)xx

  2. Great job! It always feels good to clear away stuff.

  3. My human needs to do some of that. But good luck on her actually accomplishing it!

  4. Your Mom did a great job! Now, if we could just get in a closet at our house, it would be great. Have a great holiday week, furriends. xoxo

  5. Our Mom moved twice in the last year and she did that "it's gotta go" thingee before each move. I think she personally gave enough for each and every household in our area-now if she just doesn't go get more...
    Happy Thanksgiving from
    Jada & Scully

  6. That's a LOT of stuff! And lists? We're not fans. Our Mom makes those and we bitey them into bits! Purrs...from the nibblers at

  7. There will be lots of folks happy your Mum cleared out her closets! Our Mommy should do the same thing. That's a lot of work on her list, we hope snuggling with you guys is on top of the list!

  8. Your mum has been very busy clearing out. Enjoy your week with her at home.

  9. Our mom is off this week too! But she says she has stuff to do here. What is with these humans who take time off just to do work around the house?? They need to spend more time with us!

  10. My mom just went through the same sort of cleanout! Must be something in the air.

  11. That must have been fun with Mom piling up clothes you could crawl up on to! And some empty shelves to sit on...

  12. We'z very surprised that the Niners seem to be giving Da Bears a shellacking (now, Human--don't count yer chick-hens) wifout the services of our best guy who gotted wacked onna head real hard.

    The Human is sooooooo impressed with all your Mom's work. She has to work tomorrow but then she is off till next Monday but she doesn't think she'll do even 10% as much as your Human has already done.

    Have a wonderful Turkey Day, Boys! I hope some finds it way into YOUR tums.


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