Thursday, November 8, 2012

Garden Thursday


Hello all, Virginger here. Well I think we can consider the garden closed now for the year.

The dogwoods have dropped their leaves and you can see the bright red branches. If we get snow they show up really well against the white snow. 
All of the chairs are put away. Mum won't be sitting out here anytime soon. The outside cooker thingy is under its cover for now. Mum doesn't use it during the winter. Dark outside to cook after work. 
The fevver feeding station is in clear view for mum and the boys to watch and count fevvers. Project feeder watch starts this weekend. Mum has the counting stuff all ready to go.
Mum even bought a new fevver feeder to try out. This is for the goldy finches. We haven't seen many fevvers eating at it yet.

That should be all for this garden season. We will see you on Feb 26 for sure for Squillion Day and next spring in the garden.

Love, Virginger


  1. Have fun watching the fevvers.

    We have a couple of bird feeders, two birdbaths, and one hummingbird feeder. We have a goldfinch feeder, but it is in the garage because the Nyjer thistle seed is SO expensive, we can't afford it any more. Poor finches.

  2. Yeah, our garden is about closed fer the year too. Unless those pansies TBT plants bloom.

  3. We get so many birdies at our feeder and with the bad summer this year, they never stopped asking for food. #1 fills up the big sunflower seed feeder every morning and it's usually empty by mid-afternoon! They also get lots of suet balls, and we have ordered a new feeder to hang from the cherry tree.

    The Chans

  4. You have done very good in the garden this year Virginger, now enjoy your well deserved holiday until next year.

  5. We hope you get to see lots of fevvers and goldy finches.

    The Paw Relations

  6. I hope you get a ton of birdies to watch!

  7. Closing down outside is both sad and happy. Means we can watch all
    the birdies that Mom feeds come around alot more. We like to see them in the watering bowl also-it's nice when they have water not ice.
    Lazy days watching outside-purrrrrr

  8. It's very beautiful~!!!
    I hope you have great fun with birdy.

  9. We'll hafta watch the birdies this weekend!!

  10. We love the red branches in snow! Stay warm, little garden. Welcome winter birdies! Purrs...


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