Monday, November 26, 2012

Mini ManCat Monday

My kitten's gambols are not to be described, and would be incredible, if they could. - William Cowper 

HiYa, Ducky here. We all survived the holiday weekend. Mum is bummed she has to go back day hunting today. She enjoyed her week off, got her stuff done. We enjoyed having her home too. Lots of time for cudddles and scritches.  Of course we did lots of this too. Lots of naps. 


Bleepy, bleepy Blogger is running a lot of kitties out of picture storage. Lots of us hit this last week. Poor PoppyQ got locked out of her account when her mum tried to work on her account and she put in Poppy's real birthday. So be careful, make sure your mum makes you old enough to have an account. We hopes we didn't lose her for good, we loves our PoppyQ.

Feetsball Report

The Pack - is playing on Sunday night. Mum says she will likely stay up to watch the game, but won't leave the puter on to give the results. 

The Broncos - They won, out scoring the KC Chiefs.

Everyone have a good week, not long until Santa Paws gets here. We sent mum shopping for our Secret Paw. We have the stuff we want to send, but mum needs to find a box to send it in.


  1. Oh no! I can't believe Blogger locked out Poppy! That is awful. I hope her human gets that sorted out.

  2. yeah - we hit the storage limit. so now mom is uploading our pics to photobucket and it is taking her longer to get our posts up.....ergh!

  3. meowloz D & D...if yur mum iz bak ta werk, ya noe what that meens....

    partee at D & D's place....!!!!

    we will be rite over N we will bring de grill fulla foodz two

    peace out N rock on

  4. Mommy bought extra storage--she and Daddy take so many photographs, and she wanted cloud storage as an extra backup. But it's mean for folks who can't afford the expense!

    Paws crossed that Poppy will be back soon, we missed her today!

  5. We were very sad to hear that blogger has deleted Poppy's blog. We hope she comes back again.

  6. You have a great week too and beware of the Blogger Boogers!

  7. Eeek about Blogger. I just checked and it says I'm only using 1% of my alloted space. For eons it was 0%, so I think the whole thing is wacky.

    I'm glad you all had a H.T.!

  8. You two look very cozy in your individual beds.

    Maybe you could delete photos from blog posts from years back to free up space? You could save them on your own hard drive for future use.

  9. Our mom had to go back to work today too. She wasn't very happy about it...neither were we.

  10. Noooo! Hope that gets sorted out quickly! That's just not right! Purrs....from the crew at

  11. This whole blogger dealio is skeery! I think my Human would put out some green paypers, but we don't even know how to do that!!

    Hope the Pack wins ;-)

  12. We hope Poppy's mom is able to get everything back up and running. We had to purchase additional storage a little over a year ago.

  13. uh oh, we better warn the mom about the pikshur thing so that she can download all our albums.

  14. Aaaggrrhhh stoopid blogger. If its not one ting its another! We hope our kitty friends weather this last assault.


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