Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Farewell Sweet Huffle

Farewell dear Huffle. We will miss you lots. Your sitting in the planting pot, wished we could do that. Run free at The Bridge. Lots and lots of purrs to your beans.

Yes, mum got that huge pile of stuff gone from the bed on Monday. So I have my napping spot back, where I can take over the whole sleepy spot. Do you spy me? 
 My ears gave me away, mum saved the box for another day for us to play in.
OK you can go away with the flashy box now, it is terribly bright. Just go.

Mum has over half of her week off chores done. The hardest stuff is already done, so just smaller tasks to do and they are likely to be done on Tuesday. Then she has one appointment on Wednesday. Then it is on to Turkey Day.


  1. We were very sad to hear of Huffle Mawson's passing. I think there must be many fine places for her to explore in that far away land.

    Derby, nice job in finding that box to hide out in...even if it wasn't for long.

  2. We too were so sad to hear about dear Huffle. We hope she has already met Figgy (the kitty before me and Simba's big brother) and is having a fine time. Your mummy has worked very hard, that's the job our mummy has to do this morning. She only has the morning beclaws she is abandoning us to go meet a friend! We spy you in that box, it looks a great place to play :)xx

  3. Your human saved the box!? That is cool! Can you believe some humans would just throw it in recycling?

  4. We wre so sad to hear about Huffle.

    We loooove your box!

  5. We were also so sad to hear about Huffle. She will doubtless be exploring the wonders of the Bridge, accompanied by some old friends.

    Boxes do provide endles pleasure, don't they?!

    The Chans

  6. We were so shocked and saddened to find out about Huffle's passing, as she was the one who introduced us to the CB and got things rolling for us.

    We think your human has been very productive--are glad she saved you the box!

    Happy (early) Thanksgiving to you all.

  7. We are sorry about Huffle Mawson
    passing on-we hope he is playing with all the others at the rainbow bridge. It is hard for our humans so maybe you could give an extra snuggle today.
    Jada & Scully

  8. Your mom sure gets it done when she has a project to do!!!
    Nice box!

  9. We were shocked and saddened about Huffle going to the Bridge. We will miss her very much.

  10. We are very sad that Huffle has gone to the Bridge. Your mum is getting on well so that means more time for you when she finishes.


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