Monday, November 5, 2012

ManCat Monday

It's better to feed one cat than many mice. - Norwegian Proverb

A big reminder to all of our Mericky furiends, specially their beans, tomorrow is election day here. So if you didn't vote early, tomorrow is your last chance. If you don't vote, them mum says you don't have the right to complain about what happens.

Mum will also be happy that the phone will stop ringing with people calling we do not know. Most likely on election stuff. Getting two or three calls a day. That interrupts our naps!

Next on our public service announcements, in honor of Perfectly Parker, alerting you to National Diabetes Month. It is a nasty disease to have, yes it is treatable, better yet if you don't get it. So eat good, try to keep your weight reasonable and exercise. Mum tries all of these and she hopes she never gets diabetes.

Mum finished up most of the outside work over the weekend. She went walking on the roof to get the leaves out of the rain gutters, then cleaned up the last of the leaves. Just needs to mow the grass one last time and chew up the last of the leaves too.

We tried to have a quiet weekend. Mum did work outside. Virginger snoopervised, us too. 

 We rested while mum watched the Packers play feetsball. We do ok until she starts cheering, clapping and making lots of noise. Then we leave.

Mum even finished up the baby blankie she was making. She worked in and then cut off all the loose ends. I didn't care for the yarn on my head. Then put it into the pretty bag.

Feetsball Report 

The Pack - The won, the decent team showed up, did some good stuff. They got those red birds to fly away from Lambeau with a loss.

The Broncos - They won too. Taking down the Bengal gusys.

Have a good week everyone.


  1. We hope the election goes well for everyone out there in the good ol' USA. Your lucky your peeps are doing work outside and leaving you to snooze in peace. My peeps are decorating. The sound of rubbing down is really getting to me now. Hopefully wallpaper is going up soon and that will be a bit quieter :)xx

  2. My human votes in EVERY election - she says the local positions and measures are even more important than the national elections because the local ones have a direct impact on the humans in each city and state!

  3. I cleaned out the eaves troughs on my house, too, this weekend. It has more effect on my life than an election, that I know. But good luck in yours tomorrow. And just remember - only three or four months until all the politicians down there start campaigning for the next time!

  4. Your mom keeps busy and we're glad she keeps you entertained at the same time too! What a great woman!

  5. We have been getting tons of calls too...Mommy says she can't wait to vote and have the election DONE.

    btw--we enjoyed the waterfall on Virginger's outing on Thursday!

  6. It sounds like you had a pretty busy weekend, or at least your mum did. We're tired of all the phone calls too...the mom laughed when she even got a call from Clint Eastwood!

  7. Looks like it was a nice relaxing weekend for you and a busy one for your mum.

  8. We are anxious for the telephone to stop ringing too. The calls are startling an they are NEVER fer US!

  9. We're tired of our telephone ringing, too. Our mom is getting prepared to stand in line to vote.

  10. Our feetsball guys had a bye this week (we think they was all tuckered out from driving the limos in the Giants' World Series Parade, MOL!)

    Do you know SO MANY famous people keep calling us up all the time? Movie stars and fancy politicians and those that don't call write right to us, by NAME! That must mean it's really them, right??? After tomorrow we think all our famous friends prolly won't want nuffing to do with us anymore, ha ha meow!

  11. No more ringing already! We're pushing Mom and the Dad out the door soon so it'll stop! What a weekend, huh? Purrs...

  12. Sounds like a feel good when it's all done weekend for your Mom. Good thing you held down the fort for her.
    XO Jada & Scully

  13. I'll see your Pat Boone, and raise you a Bill Clinton!

    We'z SOOO glad it's OVER!


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