Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday Night Moovies

Here is the moovie that mum thought she uploaded a few weeks ago. Derby invading the hot rain room. It is rated G, you won't see mum nekkid.

They keep changing the weather for the weekend. First nice and warm and sunny. Now they are saying rains! If it gets nice, mum can let us have some open windows for a while.

Mum says it will be a quiet weekend. The Packers get the weekend off, so mum won't have to sit and watch feetsball. She may watch feetsball, but she won't have to watch.


  1. Derby, you are very brave! Stay warm (if it cools off) and have a great Caturday. XOXO

  2. Derby, you are crazy! Don't you know water is WET?! Eeek! And my human can't believe your human actually had either a camera or a phone in the shower - she would be scared of it getting ruined. But apparently both Derby and the camera survived.

  3. Derby you must be my brother from a different mother because I love to paddle in the shower water too.

  4. Derby, you are one CRAAAAZZZY kitty! Just like our Salem, actually...she drinks shower water too!

    pee ess: We saw your Mum's feets, MOL!

  5. Derby, you're a funny fella! Do you swim too? We don't have a tub here, just a shower but I bet I'd like getting my paws wet.

  6. your mom sounds so nice!!! ME LOVES getting mine paws wet too!!!!! - Billy


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