Saturday, May 31, 2014

Caturday - We Got Boxes!

Hey everyone, we made it to Caturday again. Mum slept in as she was all tired from this past week. Lots to do, even if she only went day hunting part of the week.

Boxes, we got boxes. The man in the brown shorts delivered them on Friday and mum brought them in.
 Derby claiming the boxes first off, waiting for mum to open them up so we could play in them. Nice to get two boxes, so we each had a box to play in and didn't have to share.
 Ahh, open boxes, but mum never caught us playing in them. We are sneaky that way!
 So what did she get, hummer feeders, two new ones! She says these will be easier to fill up and clean, which is impawtant.
 See how big the opening is! That way she can get in with a brush to clean the gunky stuff out so the hummers don't eat icky sugar water.
 Ducky claiming mum's lap, that is better than any box!
Happy weekend, we are all just going to chill out this weekend.


  1. How awesome that you kitties got boxes! Where are the hummingbird feeders going - somewhere that is going to enhance your Bird TV?

  2. Oh goodness you got some great boxes and down the road you'll have some nice hummers to gaze at too.

  3. Those are great boxes, and one each is even better. You will be getting some good bird TV too.

  4. Your mum has done well there - looking after the birds and the cats with the same purchase.

    Sydney, Australia

  5. You are going to have some GREAT bird tv with those new feeders! Have a relaxing weekend, all!

  6. Oh man, I LOVE boxes. It's been a long time since we were in Whisk-onsin so I'll stop by the try out a few of your new boxes.


  7. What cool boxes! And cool hummer feeders! We hope you get lots of hummers with those.

  8. We had a new box to play in too! I luv boxes!

  9. Boxes AND hummingbird feeders???
    Wow, the only thing better would be the actual hummingbirds!!!
    Enjoy, kitties!


  10. That Amazon guy sends the best boxes! Enjoy watching the hummers!

  11. those boxes are nice big ones to pounce & spy in! And feeders to attract Hummers for you to watch & enjoy! Mum is always looking out for you two!

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