Saturday, May 10, 2014


We saw our firsted hummer last night, we have had the sugar water go away. Now we know for sure at least one little guy is back and eating.

Mum is off today to help teenagers learn to drive better, getting some advanced driving tips. Panic breaking, avoidance of obstacles and turning on a dry and wet course. She just puts cones back in place, but she thinks it is important to help to do something so kids learn to drive better.

We want to send out HUGE purrs to Syclla. She hurted her tail trying to jump over a rose bush, catching a thorn. Sending healing purrs to you Syclla.

We had some nice days, open windows and all. So it is nice when mum gets home and opens the house. FRESH AIRS!

Happy weekend all.


  1. What a great thing your mom is doing to help those teens drive better. What great days for window whiffies!

  2. Congrats on seein the hummer. We had 1 fer a week before we saw a little aerial battle and knew there was 2!

  3. I'd luv to see dat hummingburd - I luv watchin burds!

  4. Hi Boys! Sorry we've been so scarce lately, but it seems this always happens at the end of the school year. The Human says everything should start being normal by this time next month--but that's like FOREVER from now! It is good of your mom to help with the driving thing--I hope she stays outta the way!!!

  5. Good on your mum for being a good citizen. And good on your mum for opening the windows for you when she got home.

    Sydney, Australia

  6. We hope you both have a great weekend too. We are glad to hear your mom is trying to teach teenagers about driving to keep the roads safer.. And we wish your mom a Happy Mother's Day.


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